The Show

Mark Barrie presents a show which combines the classic songs of 2 legends, Barry Gibb & Frankie Valli.

The first part of the performance features Mark with the very best of Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons, including such memorable numbers as 'Sherry', 'Walk Like A Man', 'Big Girls Don't Cry', 'Rag Doll',

'December 63 (Oh What A Night)', etc.

Following a short break Mark reappears to take on his 'Stars In Their Eyes' winning role as Barry Gibb with the hits

of the Bee Gees, 'Stayin Alive', 'Massachusetts', 'Night Fever', 'Words', etc. 

A highly entertaining and polished  show, audiences are treated to over 20 Bee Gees & Four Seasons Number 1 hits. 

So why not experience 2 musical legends in

one magical tribute evening........


"Stars In Their Eyes" performance of "Stayin' Alive"

by Mark Barrie as Barry Gibb

"Very Best of Frankie Valli" show

"Sherry" performance


mob: 07982 405213